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Happy New Year! Registration is now open for Summer Camp 2018.


Each of my children began attending when they were 7-years-old.  The only mistake we made was signing them up for just one-week that first year!  Neither wanted to come home after just one session. 

In the early years of attendance, my girls came home exhausted, grubby, and thrilled!  They learned to be part of a loving group of friends, confident to try new things, and freshly self-sufficient.  When older, they became leaders and highly capable campers, with significant, meaningful friendships with other campers and counselors.  Camp YI provides a safe and wholesome experience away from the hustle and bustle of our usual busy (and electronic) world.  It’s a place where kids can be kids while they learn to be adults.

My kids would get in the car at the end of their last session of the summer and immediately figure out how many months until they would get to go back to camp. 

Both my daughters are now counselors at Camp YI.  A good job for a teenager is hard to come by these days.  Over the years, they also have accumulated many volunteer hours, which are a great advantage when applying for jobs, internships, and schools. 

Starting now at Camp YI can truly change a child’s life.  I hope to see you there.

Ronni Shaw

Camper/Counselor Mom

Camper Mom

Because I'm a working mother, my son attended several summer camps but none were as beneficial for him as Camp YI! It was such a hit that we began scheduling our summer activities around his 2 week stay at Camp YI since that was his favorite summer event. Now, as a teen, he is gearing up to be a Service Camper, a job he takes seriously. We will always be a friend of Campy YI, even after we no longer have a camper-aged child.

Leigh Gilliam