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Please support Camp YI by purchasing your holiday wreaths from Lynch Creek. See the link below in the ABOUT US section OR go to our Facebook Page Camp Y.I. and share with your friends. Our goal is to begin to raise funds for a new Waterfront Dock. Help us kick off this fundraiser. Purchase or gift a beautiful fresh wreath today! Thank you!

Meals & Trading Post

Most of our meals are served family style. Volunteer campers can serve as hoppers for a meal(s). The will set their cabin's table, put the food on the tables and help to clean off the table at the end of the meal. We strive to serve child friendly yet nutritious meals.

Sample Menu

We offer candy, soft drinks, gatorade and bottled water at the nightly Trading Post. We also have a commercial size popcorn machine.

If there are items you know your child would eat as a nightly snack, we welcome your suggestions.  

Typical Trading Post offerings: 
(During the online registration process, this is referred to as an 'option' to add to your camper's registration)

Milky Way
Hersheys Milk Chocolate
Hershey Dark Chocolate
Reeces Peanut Butter Cups
M&M's -variety
Sour Punch Straws
Ring Pops
Chex Mix
Trail Mix

Bottled Water
Diet Coke
Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper
Ginger Ale
Root Beer