Camp YI
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Our Staff

Program Directors

Each Activity has a Director who is responsible for training their staff to run or assist with running their respective program areas. They are also responsible for inventory, maintaining equipment and administering their programs in a safe,  effective and enthusiastic manner. Program Directors are 21 or older and most have spent several years at either YI or another facility with similar repsonsibilties.

Counselors and Activity Staff 

Cabin and Activity staff are  composed of 80% return staff from previous years, more than half of those were former Y.I. campers. New staff are gnereally college students looking for summer work and many of those already have camp experience.


Our CIT's (Counslors in Training) are former Service Campers who worked in the kitchen and main building areas the previous summer. Our CIT's go through a training tailored to their age (16-17) and skill level. 


Both of our cooks (Joy and Paulino) have been with Y.I.  for several years. They prepare delicious and nutritious meals. They provide fresh fruits and vegetables daily, salad bar, baked potoato bar, chicken, beef Italian and Mexican themed meals. For breakfast we serve eggs, biscuit, occasional meat, oatmeal/ yogurt/fruit bar.  Most of our meals are enjoyed family style in order to create an interpersonal experience with interesting conversation. 

Camp Nurses

We are very fortunate to have RN's and Nurse Practitioners serving as our Nurses 24/7 during all sessions. Thank you especially to Nurse Shannon Godby and Nurse Linda Wilkinson for the hours spent pre-camp and during camp to make this happen.