Camp YI
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Happy Fall Everyone! We had a great turn out at our annual Fall Reunion October 12 & 13. Look for updates and announcements about our 2020 Summer Season. Registration begins December 1st.

Daily Schedule for Overnight Camp

Our daily schedule gives campers plenty of fun activities in a well-organized routine.

Daily Schedule

7:00 Wake up bell

7:25 Breakfast Line up
Cabin line up on the patio, cabin report, raising of the Flag. Announcements at breakfast including activity schedule for the day

8:00-9:00 Cabin Clean up and prepare for the morning activities
Points are given and Honor Cabins are announced at lunch.

9:00-10:30 1st Activity
Units, made up of 2 or 3 cabins, travel to their assigned activities (listed below).

10:30-12:00 2nd Activity

12:15-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30 Rest Period in Cabins**

2:30-4:00 3rd Activity

4:00-5:00 Free Period-Pool Open

5:00-6:00 Shower Hour

6:00-6:45 Dinner Line up & Lowering of the Flag

6:45-9:00 Trading Post & Night Activity

9:00 Friendship Circle   'Viva la Compagnie'

9:30 Light's Out

**During Rest Period Campers and Counselors are encouraged to use this time in their cabins to rest, sleep, listen to music, write letters or read. No electronic games or devices (including cell phones) other than music with headphones are allowed. Each Cabin has 2 Counselors and up to 8 campers.


Campers have an opportunity to participate in several activities daily.  Please click on the items below for more details. 




Our Camp's dock is located on Percy Priest Lake.   A Ski boat and a pontoon boat provide campers an opportunity to choose water skiing, knee boarding or tubing.  Canoeing is offered in ‘Canoe Cove. 

Swimming Pool

When campers first visit our pool, a certified lifeguard will observe the camper's swimming ability and assist the child as needed.  Once confident with their swimming ability, our campers can choose from the water slide, diving board, or just fun-filled water activities led by our lifeguards. Our pool  depth ranges from 3’ to 13” to accommodate every age camper.


Our horseback riding program is offered for an extra fee of $35 (one week session), $70 (two week session).  Campers who choose horseback riding are divided into groups based on riding ability. They will learn basic grooming, safety on & around horses and general care. Group riding lessons will focus on different objectives depending on the skill level of the rider.  Trail riding is a favorite among campers and we have several trails on our 175-acre property. Safety is our number one priority. Our goal is to advance each rider’s knowledge, love & riding ability no matter what their skill level. Being on and around horses teaches children responsibility, assertiveness, determination and self-control as well as fostering a love and appreciation for animals. 

Ropes / Challenge Course

The ropes program was established to teach our campers leadership skills and self-confidence by providing team building activities as well as challenges for the individual.  It is composed of a 40' climbing & rappelling tower, low and high ropes obstacle courses, running zip line, giant swing, flying squirrel, 5-circuit ground entry high course and quantam leap.  Our ropes course program challenges our campers to use leadership & teamwork to accomplish tasks.

Arts and Crafts

At our Arts and Crafts hut, our campers get to explore their creative side.  Some of our regular crafts include tie-dye, jewelry making, basket weaving, nature crafts and more. Occasionally local craftsman visit and teach various forms of art such as pottery, painting, photography. 

Camp Crafts

Camp Crafts is where we teach our campers outdoor living & survival skills, such as; knot tying, fire building, nature craft projects and shelter building & outdoor cooking.

Archery - overnight campers only

Offered to Overnight Campers: only. Recurve bows are used.  Campers will be scheduled for Archery once a week but may choose to go during Free Period also. We finish the week with a shoot out for best score. 

Shooting (BB guns only) - overnight campers only

Our BB gun shooting program is geared toward the younger camper. BB guns can be easier to use vs. Archery bows for our youngest campers. BB guns are also a great way to introduce gun safety basics to children. 

Night Activitiy

Warming up for the Thursday night Dance-looks like it's a Luau.