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Summer Camp 2023 is almost here! We can’t wait to see you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is check-in ?

4:00pm -6:00pm

What time is check-out ?

4:00pm -6:00pm

What to bring to Camp?

See our Packing List

What do you do Monday-Friday?

We begin each day with a flag raising then breakfast, cabin clean up, actvities, lunch, rest period, more activities, free time, dinner and night activities. Please see our Overnight Daily Bell Schedule for more details.  

What activities are spent together as a whole camp?

Our morning and night time patio activities, all meal times, free times, snack station, and most night activities are enjoyed together with all our campers and staff members. 

What activities are spent together as a cabin or unit?

Each cabin houses eight campers and two counselors. Two or three cabins make up a Unit and attend activities together. 

How many campers per overnight session?


What is the ratio of staff to camper?


Are the activities different during the two week session?

Yes, the daily (Monday-Friday) activities are the same.  During the weekend of the two week session we take a little extra time to rest, have guests speakers and demonstrations and hold our traditional Camp Olympics. We also have a YI talent show during the two week session. Many previous campers prefer the two week session and it is our most popluar Session.