Camp YI
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We miss you! Join us for Fall Reunion 2022. Saturday, October 15 from 10am thru Sunday October 16 @ 3pm. $40 includes all activities and meals. Bring a friend and introduce them to Camp Y.I. Call 615-459-3971 to inquire.

What to bring

Packing Tips

  • Label everything. Permanently write, or use labels that include first and last name.
  • Don't pack anything of value. Things get lost, damaged or borrowed at camp.
  • Camp is a good place to wear out your old clothes and shoes. 
  • Trunks or plastic tubs work best for clothes and a duffle bag for linens.
  • A laundry bag or an extra pillow case for dirty clothes.
  • Shoes without laces.
  • No shoes with open toes. Flip-flops are permitted for showertime only. 
  • No electronic devices.  Battery powered music players and disposable camera's for personal use only (no sharing of pictures online).
  • Books, Board Games, Cards, and other fun items for cabin time.
  • Add pre-addressed, pre-stamped stationary to write home.

Please check our  for suggested items. Be sure your child's name is on everything. 

You can find our Packing-List here