Camp YI
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As you prepare for the holiday season, please consider supporting our fundraiser. Lynch Creek Farm has beautiful wreaths, centerpieces, garland and more. The link to the fundraiser is below. Happy Holidays!

What to bring

Packing Tips

  • Label everything. Permanently write, or use labels that include first and last name.
  • Don't pack anything of value. Things get lost, damaged or borrowed at camp.
  • Camp is a good place to wear out your old clothes. 
  • Trunks or plastic tubs work best for clothes and a duffle bag for linens.
  • A laundry bag or an extra pillow case for dirty clothes.
  • No electronic devices.  Battery powered music players and disposable camera's for personal use only (no sharing of pictures online).
  • No shoes with open toes. Flip-flops are permitted for showertime only. 
  • Books, Board Games, Cards, and other fun items for cabin time.
  • Add pre-addressed, pre-stamped stationary to write home. 


Please check Packing List ONE week or Packing List TWO week for a list of suggested items. Be sure your child's name is on everything.