Camp YI
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Thank you for a fantastic summer! See you at Fall Reunion October 15 & 16!

Current Openings

As a team member at Camp Y.I. you can expect to be welcomed in an open, diverse, and inclusive community.

Your days will consist of working at one of our activities. You will be helping children gain confidence, develop important skills, and be a mentor to them. 
You are an active, silly, openhearted individual who adores kids, you are a motivated, responsible team player with the heart of a teacher. Working outdoors in a rustic environment, under sometimes harsh weather conditions or on difficult terrain does not phase you, and you know how to keep calm in stressful situations.

* Working with other staff members on camp activities ensuring a safe and nurturing environment
* Support, Encourage, Lead campers in camp activities
* Monitor campers to ensure compliance with rules and prevent accidents
* Cleaning, maintaining, and ensuring proper use of camp property and facilities
* Report and record incidents to senior staff

* 18 years of age or older, 21 for lead positions and health center
* High School Diploma, or equivalent
* Fully vaccinated and up-to-date against COVID-19/Coronavirus 
* Interest in working with children
* Physical ability to participate in activities, this may include but is not limited to; running, climbing swimming, lifting items or supporting the weight of children
* Ability to pass a background check, national sex offender registry check and provide a minimum of 2 positive reference checks
* Attend program and staff training as provided by Camp YI

For more information about available positions, salary, and our application form click here.
Please make sure you read all information included on our application form 

If you have questions about becoming a staff member please connect with Arenda 352-208-9778