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Why work at camp?

The summer camp industry is a professional industry that encompasses many different types programming and populations served; but together we all strive for a common goal of offering high quality programming with exceptional enthusiastic staff members in safe environments to all. 

Being a responsible person for a group of children, making sure programs are operating to all safety and facility standards, and working together with all staff members in ensuring a community of friendship among us all, while upholding industry and business guidelines. Unlike what some people believe, working at a camp is a real job and is besides a lot of fun and games, a very dynamic and sometimes challenging job that provides a wonderful opportunity to build an impressive skill set to boast with on your resume for future employment. 

Since you are the first go-to for our campers in all their needs, your guidance at our camp will help them develop, and strengthen life-long skills. Some of the things you will learn about are home-sickness, bullying, behavioral challenges, medication tracking, keeping an eye on clothing, hygiene, and proper nutrition.
At our programming areas you will learn to work together with your team in teaching others how to navigate the activity safely, you might have to get creative and start a field game while we wait, create a schedule so that everyone has a turn, or support and guide those with your always upbeat attitude to try those camp programs they might be hesitant off.  New and lifelong friendships with people from all over the world are formed every summer, the opportunity to learn about other cultures is priceless, and the memories you will make can be treasured for the rest of a lifetime. 

Thank you for being a Camp Staff Member!

This is a great article from Sam Hirt in the latest edition of the ACA Newsletter December 17, 2023.

What does a camp counselor do?  Nurture, Teach, Inspire, Comfort and much more.........

Working as a Camp Counselor is good for your Resume.

Skills learned at Summer Camp: